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Inclusive Education for Persons with Disabilities


AADI established the School of Rehabilitation Sciences (SRS) in 1985 to meet the acute shortage of trained human resources in the field of disability and development. SRS conducts pre-service and in-service training programmes to create a cadre of professionals addressing specific needs of people with disabilities eg. PT/OT course, Teacher Training course, Caregivers course etc.

The Foundation has been supporting AADI for conducting Teacher Training Course for primary and elementary school teachers and thereby enabling them to be reflective practitioners and develop classroom systems and practices that are accessible to all children irrespective of their disability.

About the Organisation

Action Ability Development and Inclusion, New Delhi (AADI) has been working in the field of disability and development for the last 34 years. Their endeavour has been to cater to the needs and the rights of the people with disabilities.


Children with disabilities often lack the opportunity to realize their full potential primarily due to lack of education. Apart from the lack of education institutions promoting inclusive education, there is also a major shortage of teachers trained in addressing the learning needs of children with disabilities. A physical environment, policy and programmatic changes for providing equal opportunities to children with disabilities is the need of the hour.

AADI, a Delhi based organisation is in the field of disability with the focus of influencing policy, service delivery and technical resources which addresses the needs of disabled people in an inclusive manner.


With the goal to facilitate enabling environments in the best interest of the child and the adult thus ensuring equitable, accessible, and quality assured services using a life span approach, AADI, facilitates, nurtures and supports opportunities for leadership and greater involvement of people with disability in decision making regarding their own lives and the processes within their community. AADI is informed and guided by the needs of people with disability who are further marginalized by poverty and gender inequalities.


This initiative has facilitated the creation of a pool of trained resources for providing comprehensive educational opportunities to children with disability.