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Somaiya Kala Vidya


Somaiya Kala Vidya, a Kutch-based division of K. J. Somaiya Gujarat Trust, has been providing design education to artisans for eight years. (However, the formal programme is only six years old). This one year course commences in January and ends in December each year. In December 2019, the organisation saw its first female graduates. The objectives of the course include the appreciation of unique aspects of traditional aesthetics, and developing visual concepts inspired by nature and Indian heritage.


To offer design education to working traditional artisans of Kutch who sustain the cultural and art traditions of the region.


The scholarships have enabled the artisans including women to understand the uniqueness of their craft and at the same time evolve to cater to different markets including international. Their learnings and their work during course were presented in the annual exhibition organised at the end of the course.

About the Organisation

Somaiya was established in March 2014. Its focus is teaching the Kutch artisans through design and business and management courses to use their art, principles and traditional identity to new markets. The institute enables direct access to higher education, raises the capacity of artisans and generates value for traditional arts.