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Imparting the Values of Vedanta in Mainstream Schools


Vedanta, which originates from the ancient scriptures of India aims at providing universal knowledge applicable to people from all walks of life irrespective of their nationality, culture and religious background.


Objective of Vedanta Trust is to take Vedanta to people the world over. It works to promote, advance, diffuse and propagate education, knowledge and research in philosophical cultural and allied subjects in India or abroad.


Vedanta Trust takes Vedanta to people the world over through discussions, lectures and seminars. The Foundation has been supporting the Vedanta Trust for the lectures and seminars on Vedanta Vision.


Through this initiative Mrs. Jaya Row, has been able to propagate the vision and philosophy of Vedanta and enrich the lives of several people.

About the Organisation

The Vedanta Trust is a registered charitable organisation that was established with the objective of disseminating the philosophy of Vedanta to people across the world.