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Innovative Rural Education Programmes


In this highly commercialised world, the process of modern education has been reduced to a less-than-effective system that focuses only on achieving grades. It is bereft of any values or ethics. In this context, it is important to retain and further those forms of education which emphasise the significance of values and the eternal bonding between man and nature. The teachings of Shri. J. Krishnamurti – sage, philosopher and thinker – have been preserved and promoted through the Krishnamurti Foundation India. These teachings also enrich the education that is imparted at the KFI Schools. In these institutions, students break out of their usual moulds and grow up to be thinking individuals.


The Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation has supported the ‘AchyutPatwardhan School’, a practical, low-cost rural school project that aims to understand and realise J. Krishnamurti’s vision of holistic education.


The school which has nearly 260 children studying from nursery to class X, believes in non-formal education.

About the Organisation

The Krishnamurti Foundation India (KFI) was established in 1928. Since then, KFI has been involved in the preservation and dissemination of teachings of J. Krishnamurti.

The Foundation also works in the fields of environmental conservation, rural education and health care.