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‘Training of Trainers’ – A Collaborative Effort with the Municipal Corporation


Though education is a means to holistic development of children, mainstream education system particularly those catering to children from resource poor backgrounds often tend to be minimalistic in nature. Inadequate teacher student ratio, lack of creative teaching aids and minimal opportunity for creative thinking and expression affects the realization of the full potential of the child. Hence there is a growing need to provide child centric education.


Muktangan, is an educational programme that offers alternatives to orthodox educational practices. In a partnership which initiated in 2003 between the Paragon Charitable Trust and MCGM, Muktangan offers a sustainable model of quality education through its 7 English medium BMC schools in G Ward in South Mumbai at an affordable cost for the economically deprived sections of the society and simultaneously trains women as teachers from the same communities to teach these children. Currently there are 1700 children and 165 teachers in the 7 schools with 300 students and 30 teachers being added annually. The Foundation has supported the project for its various objectives, including teacher training & documentation.


Muktangan’s initiatives have led to the development of a sustainable child centered education system, delivered by trained and motivated teachers.

About the Organisation

Muktangan, founded in 2003, is a successful public-private partnership between the Paragon Charitable Trust and the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). The organisation has pioneered the concept of a model that incorporates all the various aspects of quality education – the classroom environment, the curriculum and content, the teacher as a facilitator and the student as an active learner.


The objectives of Muktangan are to create a sustainable model of quality education that is community based, child-centered, inclusive and low cost. Women from low income communities are given intensive pre and in-service training as collaborative child-centered educators to work alongside MCGM teachers in their children’s schools.