FRIENDS UNION FOR ENERGIZING LIVES – Livelihood / Skill Development

Friends Union for Energizing Lives (FUEL) is an organization that aims to empower 1 crore underprivileged youth to make correct career choices through skill set identification, career guidance and continued mentoring.

The project intervention aims at supporting migrated urban youth. Amravati district has a literacy rate of 88.23 % which is little more than the State of Maharashtra average of 82.91% and over 58% of the youth are currently in employable age, however there is a skill gap over 41% in the district, by which youth though they may be semiskilled or skilled are currently unemployable or unemployed. This is currently leading to a huge migration to Amravati city and nearby cities which puts youth at great risk.

FUEL shall establish a Career Guidance and Counselling Centre (CGCC) in Amravati City with the main aim of directing 500 youth who are currently unemployed or underemployed in the slum and underprivileged areas in the city, to identify their unique skill sets and undertake higher education or vocational skills courses in accordance with their career goals.