Care Mother


Non-detection, poor diagnosis and limited health care access are significant contributors to high maternal mortality rates, particularly in informal settlements.


With the help of the Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation, the project, sited in Mumbai, will see the piloting of a health care outreach programme centred on a unique mobile diagnostic kit. Through a network of incentivised community health care workers, the kit will bring quality health care to pregnant women at their doorstep, and will connect them to wider health care networks, ensuring that high-risk pregnancies are given the attention they deserve.


The project aims to reduce maternal mortality rates while empowering health care workers by offering them entrepreneurial technology.


In the coming year, the project aims to aid 20 health care workers and 2000 pregnant woman through all stages of their pregnancy.

About the Organisation

Science for Society, founded in 2010, is a Mumbai-based organisation led by a group of young professionals. The organisation works in the areas of health care, water and energy, and focuses on developing technological innovations that can be adapted to localised contexts and used to deliver social impact.