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Pratiti – Towards Gender-based Violence Prevention


Gender-based violence is an increasingly worrying concern that has roots in social attitudes and institutional responses to the same.


With the help of the Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation, the project will be implemented in and around Delhi NCR. It aims to change attitudes towards gender-based violence through awareness and sensitisation programmes. The project will also work with the police forces for implementation of a mobile response technology for women at risk.


The project is aimed at long-term reduction in incidences of gender-based violence and a more conducive atmosphere for progression in understanding of gender roles.


Over the next year, the project aims to reach out to 3000 educational institutions and five police districts, while working directly with 300 youth.

About the Organisation

Founded in 2013, People for Parity is a Delhi-based organisation which aims to curb gender-based violence in India, by engaging youth to create deep understanding and action on gender violence in their lives and communities, while engaging stakeholders such as the police, school and university authorities, and others for effective prevention.