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Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship for Higher Studies

This scholarship identifies excellence and builds a community of scholars who are groomed to become future leaders in their respective disciplines.

This unique scholarship programme offers interest-free loan scholarships in the fields of Pure Sciences, Applied Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Law, Architecture and Management to meritorious students who have been accepted at prestigious universities in India and abroad.

The programme goes beyond just financial support as it also includes a mentorship programme where mentors share their knowledge and experiences with scholars, in order to help them plan their goals for the future. These scholars are given access to networking opportunities that will enable their professional development.

Each year, an orientation programme is held to honour the scholars as well as to give them an opportunity to interact with alumni, mentors and other industry stalwarts across various fields.

Till date, 214 scholarships have been offered to students who have received admissions at prestigious institutions globally.

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