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India Youth Fund – 2016 Grantees


AAWAJ is Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh Based organization working with the mission to empower the oppressed and marginalized towards protecting their constitutional rights and building their capacities for an inclusive development of the community.

The organization also, seeks to engage with other key actors like government and Civil Society Organizations so as to improve governance and strengthen democracy. The past work of the organization involves creating awareness about ethical voting among youth and correct use of RTI.

The project aim to develop proactive participation and sustained partnership of the youth in the governance process from the twin perspective of rights and obligations, by creating a platform “ADDA” for the youth to air their views, to come together, and deliberate upon the issues plaguing their and community’s development.


MicroX Foundation is a Delhi based organization and aims to ensure universal access of healthcare and agriculture to the last man standing. They address health issues using farming as a tool and promote food as a medium to ensure affordable health.

The project aims to foster and build youth led urban community farming as a movement to change the perception of youth towards agriculture and inculcate nutrition based community farming in urban areas. They hope to achieve this by creating urban farms within educational institutes and using them as sites for educational workshops, capacity building and spreading awareness. Their theory of change is based on the premise of “Desh ka Culture- Agriculture”. The movement hopes to make students empathize with farmers, reconnect with their food and recognize their agrarian heritage.


Anti-Pollution Drive Foundation is a Mangaluru based organization that works towards mitigating air pollution and facilitate improvement of environment and public health in Indian cities. The organization comprises of 4 main verticals – Awareness and Behaviour change, Public Health, Laws and Rights, Research and Strategy.

The project aims to inform and educate citizens (diverse waste generators) of Mangaluru city, the importance of sustainable solid waste management in order to instill segregation at source as a habit thus resulting in cleaner, healthier working environments for waste workers and contribute to Mangaluru city’s goal of diverting 80% of its waste away from the landfills.

JEEVAKARUNYA TRUST –Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation

Jeevakarunya Trust works for training and empowering youth and women in sustainable development work and decision making collectively and individually, successfully promoting ecological importance, social responsibility and humanitarian values.

The project aims at suicide prevention by educational seminars and counselling. The project is built along with data survey, marathon, rally, books, and short-films for awareness creation. It also works for rehabilitation of suicide survivors.

FRIENDS UNION FOR ENERGIZING LIVES – Livelihood / Skill Development

Friends Union for Energizing Lives (FUEL) is an organization that aims to empower 1 crore underprivileged youth to make correct career choices through skill set identification, career guidance and continued mentoring.

The project intervention aims at supporting migrated urban youth. Amravati district has a literacy rate of 88.23 % which is little more than the State of Maharashtra average of 82.91% and over 58% of the youth are currently in employable age, however there is a skill gap over 41% in the district, by which youth though they may be semiskilled or skilled are currently unemployable or unemployed. This is currently leading to a huge migration to Amravati city and nearby cities which puts youth at great risk.

FUEL shall establish a Career Guidance and Counselling Centre (CGCC) in Amravati City with the main aim of directing 500 youth who are currently unemployed or underemployed in the slum and underprivileged areas in the city, to identify their unique skill sets and undertake higher education or vocational skills courses in accordance with their career goals.


Born2Win Social Welfare Trust is an organization that is working for Trans* individuals in Chennai. Their mission is to educate, employ and empower transgender individuals and build their acceptance in main stream society.

The project aims to create a pool of employment ready Trans* individuals through vocational skill building. Discrimination that Trans* youth face at home, schools etc forces these youth to leave home and join existing Trans* groups outside. In the absence of other options, such youth end up taking to begging & commercial sex work as a means of livelihood. There are many among such youth who wish to take up other means of livelihood. The organization wishes to tackle this by creating necessary opportunities, providing constant support and hand-holding that will help them take the step toward breaking the cycle of oppression.

SHAISHAV- Education

Shaishav is Bhavnagar, Gujarat Based Organization. Their goal is to fight child labour by improving access to education. The organization believe although in theory there is universal education, the reality is that many children, particularly in marginalized communities, do not attend school, or only attend part time.

In the past 20 years, Shaishav has worked tirelessly to ensure that all children, particularly the underprivileged, experience all the basic rights and joys of childhood equally. Shaishav has pioneered the child rights movement in Gujarat, growing into one of the largest participatory child – rights organizations in India.