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Performing Arts

The tradition of performing arts in India dates back to vedic times. From folk and classical dance to theatre and music, India has become internationally renowned for its rich traditional legacy of the performing arts. However, many of these art forms are at the risk of being lost today, because the artistes cannot sustain a livelihood based solely on the performing arts. Traditionally, most of these performing art forms have been handed down to our times through oral instruction. Therefore, the best way of preserving and promoting traditional and folk arts is by live transmission through teaching and performances. In the state of Maharashtra in India, artistes who specialise in some of the oldest dance forms in the country face a double challenge,ie. marginalisation and the disinterest of mainstream modern audiences. Therefore, it becomes absolutely crucial to document and archive these art forms and to also constantly encourage them in order to preserve their true essence.
Baajaa Gaajaa

Performing Arts – Baaja Gaaja

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National Centre for the Performing Arts

Performing Arts – NCPA

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Performing Arts – Saptak

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Sufi Kathak Foundation

Performing Arts – Sufi Kathak Foundation

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