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Good governance goes beyond the process of effective public service to become a participatory, transparent and accountable mechanism. In order to bring about good governance and to develop a responsible and dynamic citizenry, it is vital to create a common platform to facilitate ‘open dialogue’ at all levels.

Improving the quality of urban infrastructure is a crucial step towards ensuring good governance, it is important to focus on the role played by residents in enhancing their quality of life by actively engaging with local decision-making bodies.

Considering ‘open dialogue’ as the key to ensuring good governance, the Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation has been supporting activities that lead to public interventions in improvising the Development Plan of Mumbai through detailed research and surveys. To accomplish this task, it has been proactively pursuing its objective of creating platforms for significant dialogue between citizens and the elected representatives of Mumbai.

Public Awareness

Voters need information about their constituencies, including details of the problems and issues faced in the areas they live in. The fact that this information can be accessed, is unknown to most citizens. Awareness of access to this information can, therefore, go a long way in simplifying people’s lives and evoking participation from them. The Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation has been supporting organisations that work…

Civic Issues

Seven of the world’s most densely populated cities are located in India. The urban growth of cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore has been continuing unchecked and unplanned with under-investment in infrastructure for far too long. In a recent report by McKinsey, it has been highlighted that India needs to invest at least $1.2 trillion in its urban infrastructure over the next two decades.