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Obesity, Lifestyle and Cardiac Disorder Programme


A three year study conducted across 12 cities in India found that 70 per cent of urban India is at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. According to the Global Atlas of cardiovascular disease prevention and control 2011, 166 in every 1,00,000 people die from ischemic heart disease, and 117 in every 1,00,000 people die due to cerebrovascular diseases.

Some of the precipitating factors that lead to heart disease include lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits and excessive stress. When it comes to the country’s police personnel, these risk factors eventually become a reality due to their inevitably unhealthy working style. In the line of duty, these men and women often face high level of stress, and erratic work timings, both of which amount to a lifestyle that puts their cardiovascular health at risk.


The Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation helped the Nagpada Police Hospital launch a programme to strengthen its cardiac, obesity and lifestyle clinic. This programme included activities aimed at identifying the factors that trigger cardiovascular illness, prevention, early detection of symptoms, and management of the disease. The support of the Foundation also led to the establishment of a curative system that can facilitate appropriate treatment.


The Foundation’s support has enables the Police personnel and their family members who are circumvented with cardiac problems have gained access to quality treatment and care.

About the Organisation

Established in 1905, the Nagpada Police Hospital has been providing health care services to members of the Police force in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The hospital’s services are available to over 40,000 police personnel and their families. Along with personnel from the National Security Guard and the Border Security Force, this hospital caters to almost 2,50,000 people.