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Online Course on Palliative Care


Access to quality education in, and orientation of healthcare professionals to, Palliative Care. Palliative Care need in India is estimated at around 175-275 per 100,000 population. Just 2% of people in need of palliative care in India have access to it, mainly for the limited number of palliative care practitioners. Only 4-5 specialists pass out every year in India. Hence, it is important to have more healthcare professionals trained on palliative care. To maximize the reach of the training initiative, the course has been developed in an online mode.


The Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation along with BMJ, have developed short term e-learning course on Palliative Care so that more and more healthcare professionals get oriented to the discipline of palliative care. NSF also provides optimum scholarships to those in need and committed to practice of Palliative Care.

About the organization

BMJ is a global healthcare knowledge provider with a vision for a healthier world. BMJ publishes more than 70 medical & allied science journals. BMJ also creates evidence-based subscription-based products to help clinicians better tackle today’s most critical healthcare challenges. Many medical students and qualified doctors around the globe accelerate their knowledge and achieve accreditation with BMJs’ e-learning modules and events. BMJ’s expertise extends from publishing and medical education to clinical decision support and events to enhance day to day decision-making and healthcare delivery.


The support rendered by NSF has allowed many medical professionals to get acclimatized to the practice of palliative care while they continue to fulfil their duties. With best of the authors developing the course and thousands of medical professionals accessing BMJs’ education courses and knowledge portals, the course has paved the way for excellent education in palliative care. About 200 professionals have already benefited by NSF’s initiative in palliative care.