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PHRN- Community Health Fellowship


There is a need to bridge the gaps between health systems and the community. The outcomes of the programme provide sustainable solutions for various community health issues of the country. Thus, the programme is perceived as a capacity releasing initiative amongst all the key stakeholders of PHRN (Public Health Resource Network).


Community Health Fellowship is an innovative approach for building capacity by the Public Health Resource Network (PHRN). The objective of the programme is to support the initiatives of NRHM at the district level, working closely with the district health administration system. The purpose of the fellowship is to develop, a cadre of public health personnel at districts to strengthen the public health system. The fellowship programme is presently active in four of the PHRN programme states namely Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and Rajasthan. It is a two year full time fellowship programme for graduates with developmental background and health sector experience. Expected outputs from the fellows include continuous professional development, action research focused on communitisation and strengthening of the district health system.

About the Organisation

Public Health Resource Network (PHRN), functions through professionals, individuals and institutions working on public health issues across the states. In subsequent years, PHRN also initiated its operation in Rajasthan and is now considering expanding the operations to other states included the North East, UP, MP etc.


Community Health Fellowship is a strategic approach of PHRN towards public health capacity development in the country. There has been an immense recognition for the programme by officials of NRHM at the national, state and district level. The process of district health planning has remained organised and systematic through the technical support provided by the fellows of the CHF programme. Their support has also helped improve the quality of the district health action plans and programme implementation plans. The programme ensures decentralised planning for sustainable community initiatives at the districts. The fellows bridge the gaps between health systems and the community.