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In a world increasingly challenged by depleting resources, worsening climatic variations, increasing economic disparity, unemployment, persistent hunger, poverty and heightening social discord, the disparity between growth and development has become glaring. There is an increasing pressure on countries to carry out fundamental economic transformations to secure a sustainable future.

The Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation has a vision to raise the scale of employability, and to financially support livelihood projects specifically aimed at sustainable development in urban and rural India. The Foundation endeavours to promote, encourage, and assist both rural development and skill development, by providing training, vocational guidance and making funds available by way of grants.

Rural Development

The Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation invests in rural development projects by supporting initiatives that generate employment opportunities. Through this, the Foundation aims to improve the quality of life of the rural community by supporting programmes for natural resource management, animal husbandry, agri-based livelihoods, etc.

Skill Development

The widening differences between the skill-demands of the current job market and the curriculum taught in schools and colleges is a key factor in fuelling underemployment in the country. Only 5 percent of students opt for vocational training (compared to the 50 percent in other developed countries).