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Building Slum Youth Leadership


Youth residents of informal settlements face many disadvantages, linked with rapid urbanisation and gender-based fragmentation.


The project works with youth in several informal settlements of Mumbai on three modules capacity development on access to governance tools with specific focus on slum rehabilitation, facilitation of peer exchange on menstrual hygiene among girls from conservative families, and discussion and dissemination of gender roles in the context of rising gender-based violence.


The project aims to incentivise youth to capitalise on their potential of becoming effective agents of change, by helping them address localised issues.


Youth engaged in the project have found themselves motivated and have gone on to initiate community discussions and lead community action, such as filing of RTIs.

About the Organisation

Youth Movement for Active Citizenship is a Mumbai-based organisation that seeks to engage youth in social, economic and political processes, so as to advocate for policy change from local to national scales. It works with the premise that research and knowledge building can help empower marginalised urban youth.