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Risk Empowering and Rehabilitating Transgender Youth


Transgenders remain an extremely marginalised community, against whom discrimination is nearly institutionalised. Many are forced to take up prostitution and begging as a means of living, furthering their distance from mainstream society.



With the support of the Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation, the project centres on the provision of life-skills and capacity development programmes for transgenders. These programmes are motivated with the support of a lobby group, consisting of members from different sections of community and institutions.


The project aims to convince transgenders of viable alternative livelihood options, and support the process of their integration with the mainstream.


The project has successfully conducted various training programmes for transgender youth, and has successfully established exchange and respect-based linkages between transgenders and prospective employer, colleagues and lobbyists from the mainstream.

About the Organisation

Light Innovative Organisation for Rights is a Chennai-based organisation which aims to act as facilitators of youth development and cooperation. Their work focuses on sections of society that are excluded or discriminated against.