CitiSpace, in keeping with its aim to retain and retrieve public spaces in Mumbai, conducts a survey in 24 wards that includes playgrounds, recreational grounds, encroached land and green spaces. This survey is compiled into a report and presented to the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM).

The Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation has been supporting NAGAR in all the processes that are involved in carrying out and documenting this research and survey. The first phase of the survey has been published in a book titled Breathing Space – a Fact File of 600 Reserved Public Open Spaces in Greater Mumbai.


NAGAR works towards protecting, preserving and retaining open spaces in the city of Mumbai that are encroached upon by new developments and other structures. The thought behind NAGAR is to systematically create a better environment and to influence the performance of various authorities and lead the change in the governing system towards recreation spaces.

About the Organisation

The NGO Alliance for Governance and Renewal (NAGAR) is a society and public trust based in Mumbai. NAGAR covers three key constituents: CLEAN Sweep – which focuses on solid waste management, CITISPACE – for the restoration of open spaces, and CLEAN-Air – devoted to the management of air-pollution issues. CitiSpace is also an expert member on the committee set up by the State Government to formulate a uniform policy regarding proper planning and development of open spaces within MCGM limits.


As a part of this initiative a useful resource on Reserved Public Open Places in Mumbai was created.