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Transparency and Accountability


For over a decade, Praja has been involved in developing an online complaint management system that enables citizens to register complaints or suggestions pertaining to their respective wards, which are then forwarded to the concerned representatives. The organisation has also been successful in creating ‘Praja Dialogue’, a web-based platform that gives voice to the people of Mumbai, empowering them to actively participate in the timely resolution of issues affecting them. Using this platform, information is collected from the wards and quarterly updates are made available to the public.


Praja aims to create interactive platforms for disseminating information to the citizens of Mumbai and to generate awareness on social issues that play an important role in their lives. It also works towards developing transparency and accountability in the work processes of the elected representatives through active participation from voters.

About the Organisation

Established in Mumbai in 1997, Praja is a non-partisan organisation that works towards facilitating transparency and accountability in governance. It began with the primary objective of simplifying people’s lives by creating easy access to information that would allow equal participation of citizens in the working of the elected representatives.


The Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation has been involved in enhancing the interactivity of Praja’s website. The support rendered towards the creation of this platform enables around 12 million people in the city of Mumbai to share their concerns and issues with their elected representatives.