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Rehabilitating Children in the Labour Force through Vocational Training Courses


It is a matter of concern that the underprivileged sections of society continue to be denied opportunities for development and growth. Women and children hailing from poor financial backgrounds are constantly subjected to this injustice, deprived of their basic fundamental rights like education and forced to take up various hazardous jobs that have an impact on their physical and psychological well being.


The Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation extended its support to the Setu Charitable Trust, enabling the setting up of vocational training centres. The Trust works with issues such as rehabilitation of child labourers, women empowerment, literacy, communal harmony and community health. As a part of its endeavour to rehabilitate child labourers, the Trust instituted vocational training centres in the Parbhani and Aurangabad regions of Maharashtra.

About the Organisation

The Setu Charitable Trust was established in 1994 in the aftermath of the Mumbai riots of 1992-1993. After its formation, the Trust branched out into various social initiatives including health, education, and women-related issues. The Trust envisions a classless society based on equality of opportunity for every individual. It aims to promote literacy and to upgrade the skills of out-of-school children who have been forced into dehumanising and hazardous vocations.


The interventions by Setu charitable trust have provided children the opportunity to develop their skills for employment and livelihood.